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Desktop Printers

CL-E300 Manual
CL-S300 Manual
CL-S321 Manual
CL-S521 Manual
CL-S621 & CL-S631 Manual

Industrial Printers

CL-E700 Series Manual
CL-E720DT Manual
CL-S700 Series Manual

Wide Format Printers

CL-S6621 Manual

Desktop Printers

CL-E300 Datasheet
CL-S251 & CL-S621 & CL-S631 Datasheet
CL-S300 Datasheet
CL-S321 Datasheet

Industrial Printers

CL-E720 Datasheet
CL-E720DT Datasheet
CL-S730 Datasheet
CL-S700 Series Datasheet

Wide Format Printers

CL-S6621 Datasheet


Citizen Driver

Software - Try BarTender® 2016 Free for 30 Days

Download the Full Installer (32-bit)
Download the Full Installer (64-bit)

Crib Sheets

Citizen Calibration
Citizen Error and Reason Crib Sheet
Citizen Sensor Type PDF